ARB Airdrop: Claim Your Free Tokens Now and Get Up to 10,200!


• The ARB airdrop is set to take place on March 23rd and users can already check their eligibility.
• There is a point system that will determine how many tokens each user will get, with a minimum of three points to qualify.
• Maximum allocation for a single address is 10,200 tokens and the maximum number of ARB tokens that a single wallet can receive is 10,200.

What You Need to Know About the Arbitrum Airdrop


The ARB airdrop date is finally here. Here’s what you need to know and how to claim. The Arbitrum airdrop is one of the most highly-anticipated events in the cryptocurrency industry in recent months. Users can already check their eligibility, and their precise claim to ARB tokens is available online. There is a point system that will dictate how many tokens each user will get, with everyone needing at least three points to qualify for the airdrop. The point score cap for each user is 15 points, which are attributed by certain actions such as bridging funds over to Arbitrum One or doing transactions through it. The maximum allocation for any single address is 10,200 tokens.

ARB Token Supply & Allocation

The ARB token serves governance purposes and has an initial supply cap of 10 billion coins. 11.62% (1.162 billion) of this total amount will go towards the upcoming airdrop while 1.13% (113 million) goes towards DAOs who helped build applications on Arbitrum Onchain Platforms (OOP). Every action from those who qualify will earn them certain number of points which determines how many tokens they’ll receive during the distribution process. As mentioned earlier, the maximum number of ARB tokens that any single wallet can get hold of is capped at 10,200 coins per account address.

Snapshot Date

All users must have had their wallets created and ready before February 6th 2023 in order to be eligible for this upcoming distribution event since this was taken as snapshot date for determining the participants’ eligibility criteria for taking part in this token distribution event .

Qualifying Actions

Qualifying actions include bridging funds over to arbitrum one or doing transactions through it as well as other activities such as staking your assets or using smart contracts built onto it etcetera.. Each action earns you certain amount of points which eventually decide how much share out of total supplies you’ll receive when its all done .


To wrap things up , its important noting that only those addresses created before February 6th 2023 are eligible participants in this token offering event , so better hurry up if you want your share !