„Bitcoin marks $100,000 today“. This is the headline we will see in an article in the year 2030 according to Roger Ver, as by the end of this decade the BCH crypto according to him will hit a price of as much as $100 thousand.

Ver’s positivity stems from the fact that there are several points in Bitcoin Victory favour of this blockchain and its crypto, such as:

a significantly lower fee cost compared to Bitcoin,
faster speed due to the larger block size.
Not to mention the fact that not only would Bitcoin Cash in this way be a valid tool for payments, given its high speed, but it also allowed support for SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) tokens and thus opened up the possibility for anyone to create their own token.

In addition, the many features and services that have been integrated, such as its exchange, the ability to sell anything using the dedicated marketplace, sending BCH via email and more, thanks to the contribution of several developers including Calin Culianu, just to name a few, make the whole project interesting.

The Price of Bitcoin Cash
If we take a look at the price of BCH, then we can see that it has continued to rise relentlessly and is now worth 83% more than last year and almost 53% more than last month. It is no coincidence that it is in the top 10 of the most highly capitalised cryptos.

It is certainly far from its all-time high of over $4,000 at the moment, but at this rate and with these increases, it is easy to assume that it could not only match those records but even surpass them, as Bitcoin has done in previous weeks.

In this 2021 for Bitcoin Cash there are still projects that will start and grow, such as crowdfunding campaigns on this blockchain, decentralised finance (DeFi) that is taking its first steps and for which we already find Tether’s stablecoin (USDT) ready for use. All this could make this blockchain grow exponentially.

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